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Quick ruffle edge shams

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy doing a bunch of projects around the house, some of which will make an appearance here.

My cousin has been loving her studio apartment, setting everything up and it looks adorable! She wanted a set of matching euro pillow shams made out of the same linen fabric I used for her vision board but with a white ruffle for the binding.

We did the guessing game for the amount of fabric needed for 2 euro pillows (always give yourself 10% more than you think, the same applies with almost any project) and chanced upon perfect ruffled binding at our favorite crafting store (JoAnn). In case you’re not familiar with euro pillows, they are roughly 26″ by 26″. My mom actually helped her make these pillows while I played photographer and worked on other projects. I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty details of making these pillow shams because I wasn’t paying super close attention and didn’t get many shots of the process.

These shams are envelope style meaning the back panels overlap on the middle of the backside. The edges of the fabric were folded down and ironed to form a crisp line two times so that the raw edge wouldn’t show. The fabric was then pinned on either side of the binding and sewn ¼” from the edge of the linen fabric. The corners were one of the biggest challenges for my cousin to perfect, and she felt a big sense of accomplishment when everything was said and done.

And here are the pillows in her apartment with a close up of the ruffled corner.


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