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From a beast to a beauty

My cousin bought a truly hideous mirror from Goodwill a million months ago (j/k) and it had been sitting in the garage since then. It is made of oak and had that glorious 70s/80s stain that every single cabinet from that time period seemed to be in. It had a thick frame with side shelves that I can only assume were meant for plants, on these shelves were carvings of flowers of some sort. Because I started this project before my blog was born, I didn’t take any before pictures; but I do have some pictures from the latter stages of this revamp.

The first order was to remove the side plant shelves, which is much easier said than done. The shelves were attached with mortise and tendon joints, but they must have been attached with Gorilla Glue! By the time I pried them off, there were huge chunks of wood missing from the sides; all I had to do to fix this was apply some wood putty. The only problem was that I had to apply so much putty that I had to build it on top of itself and let it dry thoroughly between layers. I purposefully built up the putty more than it needed to be so when I sanded the piece, there wouldn’t be any weird gaps.

The mirror had a gloss finish on it, but I knew I would have to sand the surface to provide a better surface for the paint to grip. I painted the first coat of Swiss Coffee on the mirror and let it dry before sanding it again. You can see in the bottom of the second photo the edge of the mirror that I patched with the wood putty, luckily my cousin likes the beat-up, shabby chic look so imperfections were perfect.

After the second coat of paint, the mirror looked great! And more importantly, my cousin loves it!

Once she gets everything arranged and set up in her new studio apartment, I can post photos of the mirror in all it’s glory!


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