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Dressing up an insane deal

Finding a deal on something can be exhilarating, even when the deal is a steal because something is missing or broken. This is what happened about 8 months ago when my cousin and I were looking around at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She found 2 of these powder blue pillows on clearance because they were missing the center buttons on either side.

Side note: We affectionately call these pillows the boobie pillows, because sometimes we act like we’re 10 years old.

Originally $60 per pillow, she snagged them for $6 each! We weren’t sure how or what we were going to do in place of the buttons until after we made the vision boards. We had 13 leftover upholstery buttons from her vision board that we decided to use in the place of the missing buttons. I grabbed an upholstery needle from the sewing box my great-grandmother used, some yarn (doesn’t matter what color), and 4 of the buttons.

I doubled up the yarn, knotted it around the loop of one button, pushed the needle through the hole and threaded the other button. I didn’t want the tension to be too high between the two because the buttons would get sucked into the pillow; I knotted the yarn around the button once again and repeated the process on the other pillow.

This only took me about 15 minutes to get the entire thing done, and it matches my cousins vision board since it used the extra crystal buttons.


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