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Fine-tuning a vision board

It was brought to my attention that not everyone knows the purpose of a vision board, or the multifunctional benefits it can lend itself to.

As the name implies, a vision board is filled with how you envision your future. That can mean a lot of different things depending on the person as well as what aspect of their life they are thinking of. If you have never read or watched The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I suggest you check it out. A vision board is along the same lines of thinking positive things and releasing it to the universe, except that it’s a daily reminder of your goals.

For me personally, my goals are all over the place. I want to work on becoming healthier, both mentally and physically. I also want to make more friends, travel to different parts of the world, get into a nursing program, own my own home, learn how to be independent, start my own blog, I could go on and on as I’m always adding new goals.

There are a multitude of ways you can demonstrate your goals. I find collaging to be therapeutic, I keep my various goals in mind as I look through the pages of magazines, ripping and cutting out words, phrases, and pictures that catch my eye. When thinking of my home goal I look through magazines like This Old House or Better Homes & Gardens; yet my cousin has a similar goal and she would probably prefer Architectural Digest or anything from Joanna Gaines.

Most of the time when I have a bunch of things cut out, there doesn’t seem to be a direction until I start arranging things and notice a common theme. I pick up pieces of scrapbook paper in patterns I like from JoAnn when they have their really good sales on it and use these pieces as my background for my collages.

I also include other things that inspire me to practice mindfulness and to stay balanced. Here’s a few pictures of my cousin’s board and how she has thus far utilized it:

The pictures on her board are from her international travels and are there to remind her that she was once capable of going on those adventures and the people she met. *she has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which makes it very painful for her to physically move at times.

I hope some of you have gone on to make vision boards and fill it with your goals. Please comment and attach pictures of your boards or anything inspired by my blog!


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