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How to fake a runner

Since I did all the work on restoring the finish of the tall boy in this post, I wasn’t about to mess it up by placing my jewelry trees directly on the wood. The width of the dresser was a smidge too narrow for a regular runner, plus I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. My mom suggested I get two placemats and sew them together, which wasn’t a bad idea but I wanted to explore all of my options first.

So the next time I was at Target getting only the things on my list, I took a looksy at the runners. I wasn’t impressed by any of the designs I saw or the prices, most were in the $20 range. Then I thought of the two placemats idea.

Moving my attention down to the placemats I saw a bright green one with white embroidered flowers on one long edge. I absolutely love spring and summer and all the happy cheery items that come out at this time of year. So I picked up two of these placemats at $5 each and some green thread that matched from JoAnn for less than $3, costing me a total of $13 give or take a dime.

I matched up the ends and pinned them, set my sewing machine to a zigzag stitch, and sewed them together. Of course, I didn’t take pictures until the very end. It’s like I get too excited and caught up in the creative process to slow down enough to take pictures. Here is the fabulous finished product protecting the top of the tall boy dresser, as well as a close up of the stitching. IMG_1441IMG_1442


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