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The Restorative Power of Restor-A-Finish

My cousin and I found this great bedroom set of furniture at Goodwill a few weeks ago and we knew it had great bones but it was a bit out of our price range. When we were out with my mom we had to show her the set, which she of course bought despite it having a few nicks and signs of wear. I picked up some Restor-A-Finish in mahogany (technically it’s stain), some super fine steel wool, and the wood polish recommended on the back of the bottle.

I didn’t get too many shots of this one since I didn’t think it was that exciting.

My mom and I refinished these together, she did the lowboy, I did the tallboy, and we did the nightstands together.

The one on the right has been restored but not sealed yet, the other one hasn’t been touched at all.

Before we did anything though, we removed the handles and knobs and washed all the surfaces with Murphy’s oil soap. THIS SHIT IS AMAZING! It was truly disgusting how much gunk we got off before even refinishing. You might be able to tell from the above picture that we put brown paper bags underneath everything as we didn’t want the tile to potentially be ruined by the stain (it also made the tile slippery as hell). Working with the grain and wearing gloves, we applied the stain in small sections, allowed it to penetrate, then very lightly used the steel wool to ‘scrub’ the wood. We took some stained up washcloths (you can also use an old white t-shirt cut up) and wiped the excess stain off.

After letting the furniture sit for the recommended time, we applied the polish and let it sit for the recommended time. There was a ton of waiting on this project, which drives me crazy since I can barely sit still.

We polished the hell out of them and made them shine like no tomorrow! Plus the polish smelled like orange peel which I loved.

Here’s the before and after of the tallboy I did:


For the handles and knobs, we took an old toothbrush, some hot soapy water and scrubbed them. We didn’t want to scrub away the gorgeous patina that covered them, just remove some of the built up dirt and grime. We let them air dry thoroughly before reattaching to their respective pieces.

I had to take some pictures to show just how pretty they are, enjoy them!IMG_1423IMG_1428IMG_1424IMG_1427

So after all that hard (and time-consuming) work, I couldn’t just throw my stuff back up there. I needed a runner and that’s what my next post will be about.


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